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Aliya Ali | Breeze of Joy Foundation

We, the Breeze of Joy Foundation, are writing to you today to tell you about such a youngster. Aliya Ali aspires to be a doctor. Her parents encouraged her to pursue this desire, but circumstances have changed. Her father lost his job last year. Aliya’s parents were forced to make a heart-wrenching choice: they could only send one child to private school, and they chose to send her older brother.

A Real-Life Story To Put Our Thinking Caps On

I believe money isn’t the only way to turn their life around. Motivating girls in your neighborhood or leaving a token of appreciation every time you see girls do good work is a gesture that’ll create an impact for a lifetime.

Breeze of Joy Foundation

Empowering them at an earlier stage provides an enduring foundation in their life while, at the same time, fostering personal strength, confidence, courage, and, above all, resilience.