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Breeze of Joy Foundation

Girls and young women around the world are consistently shown that they are not valued at the same level in comparison to their male counterparts whether that’s their future value (wages in the workplace) or access to a quality – or any – education. This is an abomination and a waste of half the world’s population along with their ideas, energy, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

That is why Breeze of Joy was founded. We are at that the forefront of children's empowerment because we believe children are the backbone of the future. Empowering them at an earlier stage provides an enduring foundation in their life while, at the same time, fostering personal strength, confidence, courage, and, above all, resilience.

We do this, in part, through financial support to a wide range of social empowerment services tailored towards inspiring children to unleash their talents, to grow, and bring positive impact to their societies. We work relentlessly in various social services and causes that solely target children. We are committed to offering a continuum of financial support to ensure that every child receives a quality education, has food, school uniform, and books, and get fulfill other basic needs.

However, Breeze of Joy believes that money isn’t the only way to turn lives around. Motivating girls in your neighborhood or leaving a token of appreciation every time you see girls do good work is a gesture that’ll create an impact for a lifetime. It’s time we all do our bit and contribute to whatever level we can to remove the hurdles that a girl goes through just to attain her ‘right to education’. Taking responsibility for our actions and even adopting wherever possible can indeed bring the change that our children need.

We are asking you to take this journey with us, to be conscious about what’s going on in the world around you, to be mindful of how important it is to be part of our children’s development NOW, and to take responsibility for the role you have to play in the future success of our kids!