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The real story of ‘Rani’ who committed suicide

Various real-life stories from Pakistan have revealed that people in this country face a variety of challenges as a result of poverty. The most important narrative is a girl named “Rani” who resided in Tharparker, a Sindh area. She had to deal with a variety of issues throughout her life, as did her parents, who were also striving to make ends meet. She had always hoped to assist her parents in earning money so that they could live a happy life, but this had never happened. Her father committed suicide when she was a child because he couldn’t cope with poverty.

He did not consider his family and hanged himself, leaving all of his issues behind. Following his father’s death, Rani and her mother were the only ones left to try to handle their finances.

(Premi: Rani’s Mother)

With the passage of time, her mother began to consider her daughter’s marriage as she grew older. She was really worried since she was unable to manage all of the expenses associated with a girl’s wedding. This situation makes it apparent that Rani and her family’s issues were caused entirely by their poverty.

Rani, like her father, committed suicide after realizing she was becoming a big cause of problems for her mother. She discovered that leaving this planet was a better alternative than dealing with various obstacles with her family. Her mother was unable to speak about her situation because she had lost both her husband and her daughter owing to poverty. This narrative has made me realize that poverty is a serious issue, particularly in developing countries.

It is not solely the job of the government to give various resources to disadvantaged people; rather, ordinary individuals who live a good life should also be concerned about such issues. They should help impoverished individuals by offering various items based on their resources so that they can enjoy their lives as well. Because it is our moral, ethical, and religious duty, we should all take steps to lessen the rate of poverty all around the globe. According to the data, about 115 persons had committed suicide in Tharparker, Pakistan alone owing to poverty. There is no one in the district who is attempting to minimize the district’s death rate.

There is no doubt that this situation has caused significant problems for individuals in many sections of the country, and it needs to be addressed right away. Furthermore, I have determined that the concept of dowry should be regulated in Pakistan so that parents of females can place a value on their children. People despise their daughters and cry when they are born owing to poverty. They even refuse to take their daughter to school or other educational institutions because they believe it is a waste of money. So, it’s time to make some huge moves forward, be mindful, and spread positivity without focusing on country, color, and religion.

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