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Join us in our efforts to empower children, especially girls and young women, and help build a better world for all.


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Help today’s girls become the intellectual women of tomorrow.

  • At Breeze of Joy Foundation, every cent of your donation directly supports our cause because our entire team consists of dedicated volunteers.
  • Empower girls and young women worldwide with the Breeze of Joy Foundation.
  • Girls and young women deserve equal opportunities and support to achieve their potential.
  • You can make a difference in a child's life by encouraging and supporting them.
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Our Mission

To educate young girls in the developing world for the betterment of their families, communities, and society at large.


Our Vision

We provide financial assistance to girls attending schools that integrate moral and spiritual elements into their curriculum. This support prevents financial hardships from interrupting their education, allowing them to achieve the average standard of education in their community.

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