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Empowering Children: Help Aliya Ali Achieve Her Dream of Becoming a Doctor

We all have dreams of what we want to become when we grow up. Sadly, not all children have the opportunity to pursue their aspirations due to circumstances beyond their control. Girls and young women, in particular, are often undervalued and denied access to education and employment opportunities.

At Breeze of Joy Foundation, we are committed to empowering children, recognizing that they are the future’s backbone. We provide financial support to a range of social empowerment services that inspire children to unleash their talents and bring positive change to their communities. Our efforts focus primarily on children, and we work tirelessly to ensure that every child receives a quality education, food, clothing, books, and other basic needs.

We are writing to you today to tell you about Aliya Ali, a young girl with a dream of becoming a doctor. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, Aliya’s education is at risk. Her parents had to make the difficult decision to send her older brother to private school, leaving Aliya’s education and aspirations in jeopardy.

We are seeking your help to support Aliya’s education at Ridvan Academy, founded in 2016. The school’s mission is to provide spiritual and material education while instilling moral ideals in students. Your donation will help cover her expenses such as tuition, books, transportation, study materials, and school uniform, putting her on the path to realizing her dream.

By contributing to Aliya’s scholarship, you have the power to change her life and empower her to achieve her full potential. We will keep you informed of our fundraising goal and Aliya’s academic progress.

Thank you for supporting Breeze of Joy Foundation and our mission to empower children like Aliya.







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